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I want to tell you how all of you have made my stay here so pleasant. Everyone I’ve been in contact with has been so good to me. They are very cheerful and seem to work very well together. What a great homey atmosphere . I would not hesitate to recommend this home to anyone who needs a loving place to go for help in healing.

Elaine Chase

I would like to say how kind, empathetic, and wonderful everyone here has been to me. I came here 3 weeks ago and I was handicapped with a broken shoulder that was artificially replaced and in a lot of pain. The collaboration between the therapists and nursing staff is fantastic. As a result of each person, I am now a different person and have been encouraged to do a lot of self-therapy that they showed me how and taught me well. I would recommend this place highly and if anyone needs help they should come here. I have told all of my friends and family to come here if they ever need help.

Kay Shephard

I am writing for my dad Jack (Clyde) White who was a patient from May 15the until the 22nd of June, 2015. We sent a card a few months ago thanking all for your kindness and care. My dad would like to thank everyone once again. He is starting to walk with a cane. He would especially like to thank all the physical therapists…Penny, Martha and those people whose names he cannot remember.

Linda White

Coming to Augusta Rehab was very nerve wracking as I have never had to go to a rehab facility. This was my first time. As soon as I got here my fears were laid to rest. From the moment I arrived, I was treated with respect, as are all the patients here. The administrative team, the nurses, the therapists, the cleaning crew, etc., the chefs all work as a team to ensure the patients receive the best care possible. They are all pleasant and caring and show their dedication. Thank you to all of you at Augusta Rehab for helping to put myself back together! You are all awesome.

Mary E. Graham

To Everyone involved in the care and nursing of our sister, Leslie Schiff: We want to express our family’s deepest appreciation for all of your help and concern during this difficult time. Caregivers are sometimes overlooked when we know that in reality, it is only a full team of CNA’s, LPN’s, RN’s, Pt’s, OT’s, SLP’s, helpers, food service staff, kitchen staff, office personnel, cleaners, and hospice team members who maintain the highest possible quality of life for a patient. This is especially crucial when a patient’s family is far from them. There are no small jobs. ALL work towards helping her is important; ALL of you deserve our praise and profound gratitude. We mean to leave out none, but know we will. In advance the, please excuse our not being able to name all of you: no matter how much we try. For Craig, with only four days in Augusta, he was able to meet and interact with: April, Laura, Debbie, LeeAnn, Karen, Gail, Orlinda, Annie, Heather, Kathleen, Judy, and Judy, Kelly, Jill, Wanda, Nicole, Kasy, Annie… For Cynthia, with only two days, you all have left a strong impression of compassion and connection with our sister. Forgive our spelling errors, and any names which are missing; they are certainly not missing in our hearts. This partial list is only particle because we could not remember all of you, no matter how hard we tried. Once again, we are so deeply grateful Leslie has such decent, kind, and truly caring, nurturing people around her. We are humbled and awed by your kindness and hard work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Craig and Cynthia Schiff

In early May 2014 my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer after having a pulmonary bleed. In late May my mother also suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. The doctors had given my mother 3 – 6 months at the time. Upon release from the hospital my mother came to Augusta center for health and rehab both times for physical therapy and the possibility to spend her last days With us as much as possible. The physical therapy and bubbly personalities of some of the nurses have been wonderful! While in no way replacing family advocacy which I strongly recommend to every family dealing with this sort of thing, many of Augusta rehab nurses have been caring, courteous, kind and aware of our unique situation. They have taken the time to get to know me and my families needs. My mother smiles or laughs at least once every day. Time together has been precious and this facility is giving us that time while we have it. I thank Wanda, Cory, and Heather for hosting a wonderful day at the beach for us together, and in attending musical concerts and playing bingo. I can’t say enough about our beach day together; feeding the ducks, dipping our toes In the water, sand castle judging and yummy BBQ!! Annette, Jillian, Leanne, Sandra, Karen, Judy, Gail, Laura, and Sue are just a few of the wonderful, hard working, and funny nurses we encounter daily. My mother and I will be forever thankful for your care. Jillian, your evening ice cream and cat calls has been something my mother looks forward to each evening! Without the caring, smiling, selfless nurses I don’t know what I would do! Thanks to Louise and Kelley for your help whenever I needed an extra hand. Thanks to Cathleen and many other individuals at Augusta rehab for your continuous hard work and smiling faces! A humongous shout out to the physical and speech therapy group for their amazing work in helping my mother reach her goals of spending quality time with family outside of the facility whenever possible. You may not understand coming from a terminally ill patient how important this woman’s work has been but to us her family, it has been priceless!! You give us the possible gift of time outside the facility as renewed hope to my mother and the family.

Tammy Estes

This is “Curly” Warner Taylor and I had a good rehab at Augusta Center for Health & Rehabilitation. You brought me back to life with all the exercise and all the encouragement you gave me. It was the best place to be. Had a good time teasing the girls and making their faces red. Loved passing out candy bars, and cookies. I am now heading to North Carolina with my daughter to live and meet new friends. Will keep in touch via Facebook!

Warner Taylor