Augusta Center for Health and Rehabilitation

Better. Brighter. Stronger.

At Augusta Center for Health and Rehabilitation, we center health care on healing so the joys of daily living can be celebrated. Our center provides post-acute rehabilitation and long-term care services, including a myriad of medical and therapy services. We offer around-the-clock care for those living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Each day, our skilled, compassionate team strives to help our guests become a better, brighter, and stronger version of themselves.

A Patient-Centered Approach to Better Health

We believe in an unwavering commitment to patient-centered care. Our comprehensive Passport approach is designed to care for each person’s unique needs. No matter where they are in their journey to better health, we go further so those we serve get what they need, where they need it. Through our extensive network of National Health Care centers and affiliate partners, we offer access to a continuum of post-acute services including therapy, telehealth, diagnostics, home care, and hospice.

Life at Augusta

At Augusta, we are committed to providing our residents with all the amenities they need to live a better, brighter, stronger life while staying with us. It’s why we place special attention on creating an engaging, inviting environment, complete with daily activities and events that stimulate, elevate, and inspire.

The same dedication to delivering short-term and long-term care goes into providing an uplifting space that nourishes the mind and soul of our residents, so when they leave, they’re not only stronger and healthier, but ready to make the best of the days ahead of them.

Providing the Best Care

Our center has been recognized with the following:

McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Award for our partnership with Circadia Health

Certified Great Place to Work

Our Impact

What I did not expect was the dedication and true caring of the staff. I met staff who had been there just two weeks, and folks that had cared for my Dad almost twenty years ago. In all cases their nature-the positive attitude and hard working spirit showed through. I’m glad my mom is here and we are working towards her recovery together.

Warren C.

My 91 year old mother is receiving excellent care and attention. Attention to detail coupled with caring staff will, no doubt, hasten her recovery from a badly broken ankle. Highly recommended.

Gregory B.

I had an excellent experience the 2 times that I had rehabilitation at Augusta Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. On two separate occasions, I had knee replacement surgery and the physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapies helped me to be able to walk well again, regain my balance and have holistic healing.
The staff gave me excellent care and were very supportive in my recovery.
I would recommend this rehabilitation center to anyone after Orthopedic surgery.

Pat H.