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Setting the Standard in Comfort and Care
Augusta Center for Health and Rehabilitation welcomes you, and thanks you for choosing our center for your healthcare needs. An exceptional community healthcare resource for many years, we exceed expectations in meeting the needs of individuals who require short-term rehabilitative care following hospitalization, or are in need of long-term skilled nursing care. Our staff of concerned and dedicated professionals is committed to helping everyone through providing support and guidance on a one-to-one basis.
Whether you join us for a brief stay or call us your home, we want you to feel as comfortable as you would amongst family, while receiving care such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. Augusta Center for Health and Rehabilitation also provides a myriad of medical services including pulmonary rehabilitation, heart failure services for CHF, cardiac recovery, amputee rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation and wound care management to name a few.
Augusta Center for Health and Rehabilitation prides itself on our customer service and maintains a common commitment to the highest level of quality care, a focus on customer service and providing a nurturing environment for both patients and families.


Our center was also awarded Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Accreditation and was recognized as a top-performing organization in the United States by Providigm.


To Everyone involved in the care and nursing of our sister, Leslie Schiff: We want to express our family’s deepest appreciation for all of your help and concern during this difficult time. Caregivers are sometimes overlooked when we know that in reality, it is only a full team of CNA’s, LPN’s, RN’s, Pt’s, OT’s, SLP’s, helpers, food service staff, kitchen staff, office personnel, cleaners, and hospice team members who maintain the highest possible quality of life for a patient. This is especially crucial when a patient’s family is far from them. There are no small jobs. ALL work towards helping her is important; ALL of you deserve our praise and profound gratitude. We mean to leave out none, but know we will. In advance the, please excuse our not being able to name all of you: no matter how much we try. For Craig, with only four days in Augusta, he was able to meet and interact with: April, Laura, Debbie, LeeAnn, Karen, Gail, Orlinda, Annie, Heather, Kathleen, Judy, and Judy, Kelly, Jill, Wanda, Nicole, Kasy, Annie… For Cynthia, with only two days, you all have left a strong impression of compassion and connection with our sister. Forgive our spelling errors, and any names which are missing; they are certainly not missing in our hearts. This partial list is only particle because we could not remember all of you, no matter how hard we tried. Once again, we are so deeply grateful Leslie has such decent, kind, and truly caring, nurturing people around her. We are humbled and awed by your kindness and hard work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Most sincerely,

-Craig and Cynthia Schiff